Just Lying down

“Resilience & Rebellion Women’s Day” was the one and only event held by eslite spectrum nanxi. The focus of the event is to encourage every unique woman from various fields to fight their own way out and stay true to themselves while being resilient and rebellious.

If life knocks you down,then just stay lying down.

The theme of 2020: #Woman Honesty Movement. The title “Just Lying Down” on the cover of the issue was to raise awareness about women facing their own needs. The eslite also invited 3 independent women from different generations who are HONEST and have their own insight in art, cultural and creative. They talked about how honesty came in different forms in life and from their own work and creation as well.

Just Lying down

誠品生活南西店 ― 任性 ✕ 韌性女人節

「任性 ✕ 韌性女人節」由誠品生活南西獨創的檔期,著重討論女子在各大領域的多元面相,提倡在各種領域與身分中奔波的韌性女子們,能夠任性無畏的做自己、創造自己的小樂園。

If life knocks you down, then just stay lying down.

2020年度主題:#女子誠實運動,刊物封面藉由主題文字Just lying down,開啟一道關於女子誠實面對己身需求的入口,邀請3位在藝術、文創領域富有生活態度、且橫跨3個世代的誠實女子們,談論自己在工作、創作與生活所遇見關於誠實的各種樣貌。


Art Direction: Ally Chen
Design: Jiafang Sie (YOI)
Organize: eslite spectrum
Project Management: Moffy Hsieh╱Jeremy Wang╱Ling Wu
Editing: Lala Yang
Special Thanks: Jhengsyun Li╱Yohong Guo╱Kuohao Wang
Year: 2020

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