The keyword of novel: Dream

Theme Book Exhibition
at eslite xin yi store

Could dreaming just be futile? “The key word of novel: dream” is the theme book exhibition planned by eslite. Hundreds of novels are exhibited through four major structures “In dream, sleep talking, sleep walking, talk about dreams.”

Different from scientists, both ancient and modern litterateurs have more rich and romantic ideas. No matters the one you want to see again, the old flame that you miss a lot after end the relationship, the wonderland which doesn’t exist in reality or untouchable wishes. Let’s meet and make it happen in our dreams.   


誠品信義店主題書展 ― 文學祭

作夢會不會只是一場徒勞?「小說關鍵字:夢」為書店自策的主題書展,從文學角度切入,透過「入夢 · 夢囈 · 夢遊 · 說夢」四大架構,展出近百本對應的相關小說。



Art Direction: Ally Chen
Design: Jiafang Sie (YOI)
Organize: eslite bookstore
Project Management: Yixin Su
Special Thanks: Yohong Guo
Year: 2019

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